Want people, foundations and corporations to speak well of you and give you money?

Then show them what a great mission you have – how people are better off because of you. If you tell your story the best way possible, you will stand apart because nobody else does what you do.

At Consult Carney, we help you stand apart by creating a strategy that will help you raise money and get people talking about how you make a difference in peoples’ lives.

For each fundraising program, we develop the right mix of message and medium. We work with you so your campaigns:

  1. Connect with people intellectually and emotionally. You may be surprised which one is more important.
  2. Speak to the generational differences among your supporters.
  3. Tell stories through a variety of media. Instead of just talking about your mission, you engage people through individual success stories. Done well, this is a powerful advantage for you.

We collaborate with you and deliver compelling targeted strategies and compelling communication. Before you go it alone, Consult Carney.